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Addiction has so many types of ugly sides that a person might knowingly or unknowingly fall into. Addictive habits to substances like drug, alcohol, smoking, liquors etc. is not only just a individual’s problem. It is also a major area of concern which affects his/her family , relatives, friends, surrounding and the society as a whole. What starts as fun indulgence with friends, ends up as a deep addiction which individuals and families are struggling hard to overcome and deal with. The addicted individual spends lot of time and money, often exceeding what he/she has or he/she can afford. These cause financial, physical, family and social problems.
Generally it is believed that drug addiction or intoxication of any kind like alcohol is a social as well as psychological problem. The solution to these problems needs a holistic approach of treatment. The treament also needs to keep in mind the affected/addicted person’s socio economic condition and atmosphere.

Alcoholism - Alcohol Problems, De-Addiction/Rehabilitation

An alcoholic is one, whose drinking causes continuing problems in any area of his life (such as family relationships, job, financial status or health) and who continues to drink in spite of these problems because he has developed a physical and psychological dependence on alcohol.

People start drinking alcohol for many reasons such as:

  1. Fun or Pleasure
  2. To be sociable
  3. To feel relaxed
  4. To forget worries

Twenty percent of the hundred people who start drinking for such harmless reasons become physically dependent on and mentally addicted to alcohol.

Their body becomes so much accustomed to the use of alcohol over a period of time, that when they stop drinking, “withdrawal symptoms”, such as sleeplessness, anxiety, nervousness, tremors, convulsions, hallucinations etc. occur. This state is called Physical Dependence.

Alcohol becomes so central to their thoughts, emotions and activities that they cannot control the craving for drink. This state is called Psychological Dependence.

Substance Addiction - Drugs Use, Abuse, Addiction, Rehab

Some people are able to use recreational or prescription drugs without ever experiencing negative consequences or addiction. For many others, substance use can cause problems at work, home, school, and in relationships, leaving you feeling isolated, helpless, or ashamed.

If you’re worried about your own or a friend or family member’s drug use, it’s important to know that help is available. Learning about the nature of drug abuse and addiction—how it develops, what it looks like, and why it can have such a powerful hold—will give you a better understanding of the problem and how to best deal with it.


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